During their weekly hike around the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, the idea and concept of the Woodhouse May Day Challenge was often the topic of conversation for the friends who became the event’s founding members. As either runners or challenge walkers that regularly enter other local events, they realised how much organisation would be required to create an event of this nature. After much deliberation and some considerable indecision, they decided that 2007 was the year they would take the plunge and they enlisted the help of other like-minded villagers. And so, the Woodhouse May Day Challenge committee was born.


That first year was a steep learning curve to say the least, but the success of the event made the stress, frustration, and often late nights oh-so-very worth it. 11 years down the line and proud to have donated over £65,000 to various local charities, the committee feel those same tribulations are still so-very worth it and are looking forward to welcoming you to the 11th Woodhouse May Day Challenge!

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